Out in the field your time is
precious. Stop wasting
hours trying to scoop out
small bits of dirt !!!
Small and Light Weight
10" Tall- 8" Wide
When's the last time you
filled a 5 gallon bucket with
small crevice material.
After cleaning out a crack
or two, most the time I'm
ready to pan it out and see
how I'm doing. This fits
easily into a small pack.
Gold Crevice Vacuum
For Information Only Not for Sale
You can find all the parts on the internet and build it yourself.

The Crack Vac- For information only. Not for Sale.
Battery velcros to the bottom of the
vac as a stable base.
(Typical 7 amp/hr battery shown)
Motor is 12 volt, 10 amp.
Crack Vac comes with velcro
attached to base and strips of
velcro to attach your battery.
Either more velcro or protective
film can be attached to protect
battery. Crack Vac comes with 1/4"
female spades. Using a larger
battery may require different
These small vac brushes get the
fine gold off the rocks, gold
you would normally never get
Very Innovative Small Crevice
Tools with Venturi
Accessories Pack Inside
Click Here For Crack Vac Video
Windows Media Player
7 Amp/Hr Battery &
Charger Kit
Mini Crevice Tips
Crack Vac
includes adapter, venturi,
vac brushes, & mini tips
Small Tip Setup

Crack Vac Kit is sold without battery and charger. Battery and
*General Info on Batteries*
1. Batteries add considerable costs to shipping.  
2. You may already have a battery and trickle charger- don't use a
automotive charger on the smaller SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries,        
they should be charged at about 750 m amps (.75 amp)
3.  These SLA batteries can be found at almost any auto parts store.
4.  Most importantly, you can choose which battery fits your needs,
based on run time, weight, and cost.

Approximate Run Times- 10 amp Crack Vac motor
7 amp/hr--6 lbs-- 25 minute run time
12  amp/hr--9.5 lbs-40 minute run time
18  amp/hr--13 lbs.- 60 minute run time
34 amp/hr--24 lbs-120 minute run time

Now these don't sound like long run times, but a 7 amp/hr battery will
last us on a good half day of crevicing. If in doubt, go to the next larger
size. What's great about this system is you can use it in short bursts.
Every two minutes you don't have to yank on a smelly 2 stroke engine,
wasting time and energy, and hope it starts the first pull. With this,         
you can clean as you go, making the most of your time and getting the       
most gold deep down in the cracks.
One way we conserve our battery is to use a trowel or spoon on the
material around the top/open areas of a crevice, and throw it right in      
the pan. This machine will cut 75% off the time cleaning out most
crevices, compared to doing it manually.
Your time is short out the field- make the most of it.  
90 day warranty is through manufacturer.
Also makes a great car and camper vac.
Although these are wet/dry vacuums, they work much better with dry
material, especially with the small crevice tips. Just like a dredge, you
can get clogs if you force too large or too much material up the hose. A
piece of tie wire will unclog the tips.
Gold often hides in the bottom of cracks. The Crack Vac will pull up
the small pieces, overburden,  and open up the larger/stuck pieces.
Two new tips- I found the clear tube for the mini tools too long.

I cut a 1" & 6" piece to use, and they are long enough. Also if the
long tube is stored wound up it will develop creases, which inhibit
vacuum.  The shorter sections don't have to be folded for storage. Also
the filter will build up fine dust and decrease vacuum. I don't let the
container get too full & will dump the concentrates often into my gold
pan while also "tapping" and blowing on the filter to remove buildup.